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Spottune OMNI Track Højttaler

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Spottune Omni is a wireless smart speaker with a descrete design, but remarkable sound. With omnidirectional 360° radiation, 3D accoustic design, and powerfull 4 inch driver, Omni achieves superior roomfilling sound.


Omni comes in 3 different installation options, and with a fabric cover option fitting all types of ceiling and light installations

Track: Being compatible with 3 – phased, light-system-tracks, Omni track gives you a true Plug & play experience, and a ready in minutes installation.

Spottune Omni Højttaler fåes i 3 farver.

Tekniske specifikationer Spottune OMNI

Tekniske specifikationer Spottune OMNI

Audio frequency range 50-15000Hz

~50W digital class D amplifiers Max SPL 100dB

Wireless Features:
Audio-BroadCasting-Digital – Technology
RF-Band 1,8 – 1,9 GHz
Range up to 50-100m (Condition dependent)

Diameter: 115 mm
Højde: 200 mm

1,5 Kg

Standby power consumption:
1,74W (Limitation 2W)

O1-T-W | O1-T-B | O1-T-G